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  • More Social Media, More Customers
  • Social media marketing for businesses is not an option anymore. It is an essential, necessary tool for a company to be successful in today’s world. With so many social networking sites, the opportunities are endless.

    why do you need to be active on social media?

    You need to be on social media. Social Media is the lifeblood of your business in the digital age. If you’re not on Social Media, then you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers and clients.

  • just look at these stats

  • Yes! 86% of all adults today spend multiple times a day checking Facebook!

    That’s 86 out of every 100 people in your area who spend a significant amount of time on social media, each and every day.

    So, if you can put your message, your business, your products, or your services in front of your ideal local customer on social media on a regular basis…

    So, you can see how vital it is to get your business upfront and in your ideal customer’s face regularly to let them know you’re there!
    Then your sales will flow!

    It doesn’t matter what your business offers, whether you’re…
    A coffee shop that needs more butts in the seats
    A plumber who wants more customers flushing
    An organics shop that wants to spread the love
    or ANY type of small business that wants to attract more local customers.

  • So the key to your success is an easy one…
  • Your customer spends lots of time on social media. You post regularly in the places where they spend their time. They are able to see what you post frequently because they check in so often.

    Communicating and engaging with customers is a crucial aspect of many modern businesses, and that’s even truer now that we’re in the digital age.

    You see, no matter what your business specifically is, making sure to establish connections with customers will help set you apart from others. Doing so not only builds trust and rapport but also means they are far more likely to spend their money with you rather than with someone they have never seen or have built a relationship with. The result…

  • You make more sales!

  • How do you manage social media marketing?
  • Find out where your perfect customer hangs out online. Social sites will differ according to your business and preferred customer market.

    Post very regularly so your business is very visible to them and it comes readily to mind.

    Create a rockin’ mix of the right kind of content that not only promotes your products but encourages new and existing customer engagement with your post.

    Why most small businesses fail at social media?

  • Social Media Marketing Packages
  • that are done for you, pay for themselves

    I can help you get more from your social media

    Without long, expensive contracts, here’s what I will do for you and your business…

    Help you develop a social media marketing strategy that will get you results for your business.

    Focus on social media content that draws in engagement from your target audience, to increase your brand awareness and get more sales.

    Provide professionally designed content and images to achieve maximum results.

    Acting as you, I will post this unique and engaging content at the times that market data has proven to be the best for your audience.

    I will provide a monthly analytics report so that you can see how your posts are performing on each platform.

  • Additional Packages of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

  • If you have any questions or would like to discuss the options further, please contact me by clicking here, or by emailing me at [email protected].

    I’m looking forward to helping you build your online reach and getting new customers through the power of social media.

    Let’s talk soon!

    Deborah White

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